ME and MY TREK – Bloemendal ride

It was a beautiful morning. No wind. Sun was shining. It would have been perfect, was it not for the soft “boom boom” in my head from the previous night festivities..... But hey, I was on my bike, on route to Bloemendal, to meet up for some awesome riding with the little racing snake Enzo Grande. Awesome!

We headed out nice and easy through B-Spot and it was quickly clear that the little Italian had some legs and skill. The warm up through B-Spot was over before we knew it and we were up the first hill. Maybe, a bit faster than I was in the mood for, but I wasn't getting dropped by the youngster just yet.

Up, around and down Lombard’s Terra at blistering speed like two pros. Superb single track and needless to say, the TREK TopFuel 9, 8 was floating. Chasing Enzo, I also got a bit more air than what I was used to. The bottom arrived quickly. We took a left and headed towards Bloemenice and fantastic free flowing single track all the way down to the bottom. Awesome! These trails never disappoint.

Up we went again next to Lombards on the more technical climb. A brief stop to check out the bridge jump in the middle, I was feeling brave that morning. Up through the gate all the way to the top, a very fast descend, with some very nice jumps at the bottom of Majik. You can’t help but feel you can take on any jump or technical descend at speed on this bike, the suspension is magnificent.

Ok, so as we were going up again and that jump in the middle of Lombards was playing on my mind. ….”To do or not to do? Don't be crazy. Grow some balls”... Before I knew it we were back at Lombards.

Just follow my line and you will be fine, my workshop genius, Enzo said. Sure, no problem was my confident reply. Yeah right. Well away we went. Time to really put this machine to the test, the bike that is. TREK 9,8 carbon, full suspension. Awesome!

The approach to the bridge and jump was there before I could blink and then time stood still. As I was going up, a 1000 thoughts…..enough speed, correct line, should I be doing this, absolutely, in the air, land, am I still on my bike, yes, time to celebrate, WHOOHAA, do we have beer, yes, WHOOHAAA! How great was that!

Great ride on a great bike. I love this bike. Till next time.


Bloemendal Trailpark