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"When looking up the very definition of Trek on trusty Google, the definition is quite apt for the basis of this article: a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot. Being a Trek sponsored rider can be at times as a glorious privilege and at other time as a long and arduous journey.

 Trek Factory Racing athletes Emily Batty, Anton Cooper, Sergio Mantecón, and Evie Richards made their way down to the Western Cape for the Epic World Cup event held in Stellenbosch on 10 March 2018.

While thousands of spectators had access to view all the skill that it takes to compete at this level, a few of us had the opportunity to have a personal one-on-one experience with the team.


Trek visit 2


 On Monday 12th March, Best Bikes had the pleasure of the team visiting our shop before heading out on a casual ride with fellow Trek stockists, the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club and other VIP guests. There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air on the Tygerberg trails to put us all on the same plain.

After a casual ride, we had our questions answered as to how it is that these professional athletes manage to balance family life with training, travelling and competing at this level. The small forum of people had an intimate interview with the four team members on the lawns of Meerendal Wine Estate.

Trek visit 1

All-in-all a pleasant wrap up to this intimate day with the Trek team that ended with canapes and wine under a beautiful, starry night sky.

I bet the team are sad to see the Cape go but were all glad to head back home to their loved ones before heading off the Common Wealth Games in April. Good luck ladies and gents!

Bloemendal ride with Trek Factory racing team


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Trek stop at Gugu Zulu memorial spot at Meerendal

It has been a hard week (at my real job) and I was dying to get on my TopFuel 9.8.  Freshly cleaned, serviced and polished, we were raring to rip the trails apart.

So, 3pm, on a windy afternoon and I'm off to my favourite mountain, Dorsberg or more affectionately known as, “Stairway to Heaven” at Meerendal. It was a bit chilly and quite windy, but that did not stop me, for I was in my happy place. Well happy has many faces and being off my bike for a week did not help my cause.

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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 07:02


FedHealth MTB Race at Meerendal. 60km with estimate 1800m of climbing.

It was a beautiful morning in Durbanville, the day started off with much excitement. Someone at Stillwater Sports had a sense of humour and put me in the "A" batch with all the pros. Not a worry, for I was ready, on my newly acquired TREK TopFuel 9,8. What a machine! At least my bike fitted right in there with the pros, not me so much at 3kg shy of 100kg. Must be honest, I got more than one questioning look of who is this guy.....race official, media, or photographer?

Needless to say, we were off to a blistering start and I realised quickly that I won’t last at this pace. The TopFuel handled magnificently on the downhills, where I was able to keep up with the remainder of the "A" batch. The bike handled superbly on the climbs; however the climbs were not so kind on my legs. Either way we were having a jol!

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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 06:39

Meerendal MTB Map

Tygerberg mtb club members can access another 70+ km of trails from here. Click here to find out more at www.irideafrica.com

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