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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 05:56

Coffeebar @ Best Bikes Story

Coffee and cycling go together like fish and chips, brandy and coke, Tom and Jerry, bacon and eggs.......they go hand in hand. Every riders first few hours on the bike is fuelled by a cup of coffee. Coffee spins has become the standard among cyclist, road or mountain bike. Almost every ride is linked to a coffee shop convene or the next coffee pit stop.

Coffee manufactures have for long been involved with cycling. From early days certain coffee machine manufactures and coffee roasters has sponsored some of the main teams on International level. There are quite a few Tour de France Teams linked directly to Coffee companies. When you think of cycling and coffee almost everyone will picture a bunch of pro riders sitting at some Cafe in France or Italy, sipping on espressos, with their sleek, beautiful bikes in the foreground....

So with all of this in mind, the coffeebar@BestBikes idea was born. With BestBikes being a TREK Dealership, the natural choice of coffee was SEGAFREDO. As most people might know, SEGAFREDO is the sponsor for the TREK International cycling teams. These teams ride under the TREK-SEGAFREDO colours. Lucky for us, SEGAFREDO just happened to be the best coffee in the world. So now, when you visit us, you can see the best bikes in the world, while sipping on the best coffee in the world.

Come visit us on your next ride or just if you feel like a good cuppa. The coffee is the best. The food is great. And there is always someone to share a cup and story with. GO AND TAKE IT!

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