• Health & Safety check:
  • 30 point overall check + general health and bike condition of bike and what needs to be done or repaired
  • Wash – Lube done by hand (No high pressure washing)
  • Gearset – Front and Rear
  • Brakeset – Front and Rear and inspect pads hose (Bleeding excluded)
  • Chain check – wear % of chain left
  • Sealant check (tubeless) check sealant level (Sealant Ex)
  • Tyre Check
  • Wheel True
  • Quality check – Overall qualities of parts check
  • Advice – Next service – Plus recommendations


  • Bottom Bracket service
  • Inspect bottom bracket, take necessary – Replace worn parts apply lubricant and re-assemble
  • Replace gear cables – Full replacement of cables, housing, Ferrules and caps
  • Hub Service -(Front-Rear) - − Inspect hubs take apart where nessary replace worn parts apply lubricants, re-assemble. - − Strip , clean, assess , quote on worn out parts, resemble
  • Headset service - Inspect headset take apart where nessary replace worn parts (Parts Excluded) strip , clean assess on bearings reassemble (quote if needed)


  • Major – Dual suspension MTB
  • Pivot bearings/Bushing - − Inspect pivot bearing/bushing quote on worn parts reassemble and replace where required.


A: R1150 B: R1350
  • Strip bike completely ,component inspection all moving parts , complete bike strip down ,clean assess, quote, on any worn out parts reassemble rebuild

Our aim is to provide a same day service to all our clients and stick to our promised completion times. It is therefore compulsory to book for the Service Packages and highly recommended for any other servicing required from the General Service Menu. Booked clients will always enjoy preference over non-bookings. The latter will fall automatically in the back of the queue and we will not be able to guarantee promised completion times.

Even though we will try our utmost to have your bike ready when promised, it remains subject to the availability of spare parts from suppliers. However we will always be in contact telephonically, by SMS or e-mail should we not be able to keep to our promises.


Zone - 2,3,4 R85 Zone – 1 R65


  • Labour R400 per hour
  • Minimum handling charge R100
  • Unless otherwise stated all service pricing, excl the spare parts which will be charged over and above.
  • Bikes dirt – Service items selected from general service will be subjected to a R100 wash and lube charge in order to do the work.

Sport Service NB Info

Recommended Service interval: MTB 500Km or 3 months

Road bike: 1500km or 6 Months

  • Minimum Workshop Charge @ R60.00
  • Workshop Labour Charge @ R250.00
  • Pivot Service @ R250.00

Expet Service NB Info

Recommended service intervals MTB: 2000km or 6months

Road Bike: 5000km or 12months

  • @R950.00 (incl. Pivots)


  • Bikes stored longer then 3 days after notice – will be charged R30/day.
  • Bikes are stored at customers own risk. Payment before bike released in full.
  • All new parts excluded from service prices

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